The winners know how to navigate those changes while performing at a high level.

In this four-hour workshop, we’ll give you the basics, founded on scientific research and our own success with our clients’ toughest projects.

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Fundamentals of Change. 
We Face an Unprecedented 
Rate of Change.

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Explain the dynamics of employee resistance and create early adoption for your change initiative.

Describe the value, methods and tools of successful change management.

Identify key behaviors and their impacts on change.

Change is hard, but we have cracked the code. Emerson will teach you how to use behavior change to move your organization toward the outcomes you want. 

You’ll leave the workshop with tools and templates for your own change projects.

Articulate how to build and sustain momentum through a Focus Attention strategy.

Begin to create change management capability within your organization.

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After this workshop, you'll be able to: