When it comes to training, what are you afraid of? Probably that your learners will leave saying your training is boring and useless.

It doesn't have to be that way. Emerson's learning experts teach you to use behavioral science to make your training great for learners. 

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Oh Behave
How to Use Human Nature to Create Killer Training.

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Just a few clients who've taken our workshops.

Learners' emotions, so you can tap into them to improve retention.

Learners' past experiences so they approach learning with enthusiasm and committment.

Learners' fear (but in a good way!) so you can move them from what they do now to what they should do in the future.

Come learn, laugh and have fun in this interactive session. 

You'll leave with a new perspective and a tool you can use immediately to make sure your programs have a real and positive impact.

Learners' need for control so they embrace the training and the new skills willingly.

You will learn to use: